The Three Acts of Vecna Lives!

In a three-act play, the first act is typically where the antagonists and protagonists are introduced as well as the conflict between them, the second act is where the plot thickens and where the protagonists seem to be at their lowest point and furthest from their goal, and the third act deals with the resolution of the conflict. If the adventure in the module Vecna Lives! were structured as a three-act play, the points at which one act ends and another begins might not seem readily apparent until very near the end, but one thing can be certain about the point at which we currently find ourselves – and that is the fact that we are now, without a doubt, somewhere in the midst of the second act – for the plot has definitely thickened.

I point this out now because several of you (if not all of you) seem to have noticed that exactly how this particular adventure will play out does not appear to be at all certain. This is the case with this adventure more so than with any other adventure the Righteous Vanguard has ever been on – largely due to the fact that this will be their last adventure, and because of this, I have no pressing need or desire to try and steer the direction of the events in this adventure toward any preconceived goal in anticipation of the next adventure – for there is no next adventure (or at least I don’t have any in mind at this point). But another big reason that this adventure, certainly at this point, might seem to have a very dubious outcome is that this adventure has a lot of potential for some interesting and unexpected twists.

Up to this point, while some of the villains have not been as challenging as I had hoped (though, of course, much of this has to do with you guys doing a great job of playing your characters – and I suspect you guys don’t mind the fact that, recently you’ve really been mopping the floor with the bad guys, which, naturally, can be a lot of fun), I have, at least, managed to keep the plot of the adventure right on track the entire way without (I hope) being too obvious or making it feel like you’re being rail-roaded. But, to be honest, from here on out so many things can possibly happen that I’m really not sure what to expect. So much depends on the decisions that you guys make from here on.

So, having said this, I want you guys to really think about what each of you do and try to make wise decisions. Because making the wrong decisions could spell disaster. I also want you guys to try and be true to your characters. Yes, this means think about their alignments – but it also means think about their past and what they’ve been through; think about their personalities and whether or not they have evolved over the past months and years. Try to get into their heads and do what you think they would do – and if you like, be creative. Do something interesting with them if you want, even if this means making a shift in alignment. Remember, this is their last shot at glory – go out with a bang if you want! But again, be smart. Think before you play the fool and throw your character’s life away on some hopeless, and ultimately futile, act of heroism, or sell your soul for some desperate bid for power.

But above all, I guess, have fun with it!

The Three Acts of Vecna Lives!

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