Kieranen Arvaneth

High Elf Warrior


Kieranen Arvaneth was born on the 24th day of Fireseek in the Common Year of 464, in the town of Highfolk. His childhood was much like any other elf’s, spent in and around Highfolk and the southern edge of the Vesve Forest, where he learned what it meant to be an elf, as well as the basics of archery and swordplay. It was in the common year of 513, when he heard about the rise of the Horned Society and of the humanoids taking the Pomarj, that he began to take interest in military tactics, strategy, and history. As he grew to adolescence, Kieranen slowly began to appreciate the benefits of an organized unit, which was made stronger than the sum of its parts because it functioned as a single entity. This outlook was alien to many of his kin, who valued their freedom and independence beyond all else.

In time, Kieranen’s increasingly strong belief in a rigid and disciplined hierarchy, both in the military and society as a whole, caused friction with both friends and family. Though it never caused any permanent schism, it was a topic most often avoided by those that knew the young elf. He spent many long hours in practice, becoming an accomplished swordsman and archer, and honing his body to physical perfection.

Then came the famous Battle of Emridy Meadows in 569, in which the hordes of the Temple of Elemental Evil were wiped out by the combined forces of the humans and demi-humans from the lands bordering the Velverdyva River just east of Verbobanc. Upon hearing the stories about the famous battle, Kieranen decided it was time to pursue his dream of becoming a soldier.

He made his way to Verbobanc, where he immediately joined the military. There, he learned about the realities of life as a soldier. He fell into the disciplined routine of the army naturally, and quickly earned the respect of his brothers-in-arms. Despite being one of the few high elves in the military, he found his fellows cared little about his race, but about his dedication, bravery and skill with arms. It did not take long for Kieranen to become a valued member of his unit.

But, to Kieranen’s disappointment, nearly ten years went by in relative peace, and during that time, he was not involved in a single battle of any true importance. Frustrated by a lack of the glorious battles he had dreamed of in his youth, Kieranen left the army and signed up as a caravan guard headed for the Wild Coast, where he hoped to find more meaningful martial challenges.

He eventually found his way to the town of Narwell where, for a short time, he signed on as a member of the city militia. Kieranen joined the Righteous Vanguard after hearing tales of the dangerous exploits of small bands of roving adventurers. If the battles won’t come to him, Kieranen is determined to go to the battles.

Kieranen Arvaneth

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